From: Greg de Vries, The "Meditation Coach"

The Meditation coach

Dear Friend,

I really like using music as a background for meditation, but there are a few problems with most music:

  • If the music has lyrics my mind wants to ‘sing along’ with the words
  • Most ‘songs’ last 4 or 5 minutes and then a new song starts and the tune totally changes which disrupts my meditation
  • Many songs will increase or decrease tempo during the song 
I’ve tried some of the ‘brainwave entrainment’ for meditation on the internet but I have one question…

Why does most brainwave entrainment ‘music’ sound
more like helicopters than music?

If you are like me, you like the idea of allowing music to slowly guide your brain into lower frequencies, but when you actually listen to the music it’s anything but relaxing.

I’ve been working very hard on fixing that problem. I’m developing music specifically for meditation in longer durations (20 or more minutes) without any ‘hooks’ - things that tend to catch your attention. I’ve also incorporated the sounds of nature, bells and water to further enhance the experience and provide the perfect backdrop for your own meditation practice.

I sell guided meditations and music on my website located at  but created this special page so you could try out free 10 minute samples.  Feel free to download these meditation audios and let me know if you like them. 

If you are interested in a great Guided Chakra Meditation please visit

Regular practice of meditation will improve your mental & physical health

You should know that this music contains brainwave technology and begins in the alpha range and slowly moves to the theta range.  That makes it not all that good to “loop” as you would be starting over in a higher frequency again.  If you would like a longer version you can purchase a 30 minute or 60 minute version, by simply coming back to this page and clicking the "buy it now" button next to the audio you would like.  All audio files are available for instant download - no waiting.

Until next time,

Breathe Deeply!

Coach Greg

PS: Not only is this music good for meditation, but as relaxing music as you sit by the swimming pool or ambient music for meals.  Enjoy!

 The "Eden series" is ambient nature sounds of water, combined with very soft 'dreamscape' type music and gentle tibetan bowls and gongs.

"In the Flow" is soft soothing music without any hooks or shifts in tempo. Great for deep meditation and even sleep.

"Capitola Waves" uses soft background tones with the sounds of ocean waves.

"Stillness" is a soft dreamscape, no hooks or shifts in tempo.


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10 Minutes

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

 Capitola Waves
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 Stillness  Not available Buy Meditation Music Now

Stream in Eden

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Fountain in Eden

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In The Flow
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IMPORTANT NOTE: People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy, people using pacemakers, people suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, people currently taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers, are in a medical risk of using brain entrainment products and should not listen to any of the meditations above.